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Sable Island – Graveyard of the North Atlantic

Located 300 km east-southeast of Halifax are the crescent-shaped, shifting sand dunes of Sable Island. Home of the wild Sable Island ponies with the long, flowing manes and tails, it has also been a temporary home for shipwrecked sailors, en route convicts, and pirates brought there inadvertently by the legendary gales that blow around the island.

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Peter Easton Was The Scourge of the Western Atlantic

Of the various pirates who lurked along the wild, sparsely inhabited coasts of Newfoundland in the 16th and 17th centuries, Peter Easton was among the elite, most successful and best known. His plundering, which ranged from Newfoundland and the Grand Banks south to the Caribbean and Spanish Main, made him the scourge of the Western Atlantic for more than a decade.