Escape the Ghost Ship

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A new adventure from Secret City Adventures and Pirate Life combines immersive theatre, escape room puzzles, and a boat ride into one memorable experience. A Pirate’s Life blends a sense of adventure with live interactive theatre and a harbour tour in Toronto. Our pirate cove on centre island is where the hour-long voyage departs and returns.

Running from Sept 24th to Oct 31st in Toronto and Ottawa.

Prepare to cast off and go on a brand-new thrilling escape adventure! Tonight is the night you and your crew intend to steal a ship for yourself—but no one expects the abandoned ship in the harbour to be Barnacle Beth’s cursed ghost ship! Now, in order to save the ship (and your immortal souls), you’ll have to assist in the release of Barnacle Beth’s and her crew’s spirits before the curse claims more victims.

About Pirate Life

Creativity allows people to connect. We believe in the power of art and culture to inspire, fascinate, and nurture meaning in people’s lives. Via our children’s performances and our production partners, Pirate Life aims to invigorate the waterfront and our communities through arts and culture.

Environmental awareness is on the rise now more than ever. We’re aiming to lower our carbon footprint, make a positive effect, and become true stewards of the earth.

Pirate Life is working to limit its use of plastic and switch to renewable energy.

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