Author Tim Grollimund

Tim is based in Key Largo, Florida. He wrote the scuba diving column for the local newspaper, The Reporter, for over three years, and also served as a Working Group member and Alternate Representative on the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary Advisory Council. His ebooks are all based on his newspaper columns. Each ebook has a collection of underwater images shot by Tim. The ebooks cover a wide range of marine life species and ocean conservation topics.

Good news, bad news. I have both. Bad news first. Our coral reefs are in trouble. Staghorn (Acropora cerviconis) and elkhorn (A. palmata) corals are listed as Threatened, just one notch below Endangered. Threatened status is terrible, but Endangered status may threaten all of our livelihoods. See this for yourself on the U.S. Fish and Wildlife web site at Under the Endangered Species entry on the left side of the screen under Programs/Resources, click and select Florida from the state list. You will see the corals right there on the same list with turtles and whales and our famous Key Largo woodrat.…