Author: Subal

Subal is Austrian company founded in 1954 and based in Steyr. Inspired by diving pioneer and oceanographer Hans Hass, a tinkering 16 year old, Arnold Stepanek, built in 1952 his first underwater housing out of rubber and glass for his Kodak Retinette camera. This he used in the streams of Steyr for his first black and white recordings. In 1954, the first underwater housing made of die-casting was made. In the following years the focus of production is on housings for Super 8 film cameras, which Subal dominates unrivaled worldwide. In 2011, the founder of SUBAL Mr. Arnold Stepanek retired, and Mr. Harald Karl took over the company. We have moved into a new home deserving of a brand like Subal. The company has started with new designs of their housings and has come back on the market with top range video and DSLR housings. Subal now has about 40 different models of camera and video housings. The creativity of the underwater photographers is now without limits!