Author: Hamish Tweed

Hamish started diving in 1991 and has been working professionally in the dive industry for the last 30 years. Teaching for PADI, TDI and IANTD he has certified hundreds of students in a range of technical diving courses. In 1998 Hamish earned his IANTD Instructor Trainer and Advanced Trimix Instructor certifications and was teaching advanced technical diving as the Head Instructor for IANTD Canada the largest Technical agency in Canada at the time. He has also organized and has led over a 150 trips and expeditions throughout B.C., Canada and around the world. An avid underwater videographer, Hamish has had the privilege to explore and document the waters in his own backyard, as well many locations around the world from shipwrecks in Scotland and Micronesia to the labyrinth cave systems of Mexico. He continually shares his experiences and images with others through teaching technical diving, speaking engagements and writing articles.