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My name is Fin, and I am a New Zealand born and bred Kiwi girl. From a young age I had a fascination with all things Ocean, whether it be the Sea, the Beach or Rockpools where I would wander about investigating crabs and anemones. This led to me studying Marine Biology in the tertiary realm which has since taken me to some incredible places for work and play. The places I have worked have been varied and have seen me having to become a guru when it comes to airports, layovers, transits and making the most of spare time. This inspired me to share my adventures, as I can attest to the journey being as much of the fun as the final destination. Afterall, Life's not about the destination, but enjoying the journey. I'd love to hear from anyone interested in working alongside me! Whether as your brand ambassador, guest blogger or columnist. My skill set is based in the Marine biology realm and leads onto Scuba instructing all the way through to professional hotel/voluntourism reviewer, as well as being a social media for business whiz. Please feel free to contact me for further information;

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Liveaboard diving in Ari Atoll, Maldives with “Ari Queen”

After my year living and working as Dive instructor in the Maldives, I was dead set on doing a liveaboard in the country. The main reason behind this being the fact I would be on the flipside of my usual situation – no longer would I be the guide, checking my guests as they geared up and then guiding them underwater, but instead I would be the guest. Goodbye the worry and pressure of ensuring everyone was having a good time – I could just focus on myself and blowing bubbles and enjoy feasting my eyes on the beautiful marine fauna of the Indian ocean. Not that I wanted to have someone watch me, clean my gear or guide me, I just really wanted the chance to dive stress free and purely for fun to see some other areas of the Maldives. I was lucky that the Divemaster (DM) who I’d worked with on the island had some great connections and we ended up going as buddies on a week long liveaboard called ‘Ari Queen’.

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A blast from the past, experiencing Tropical North Queenslands finest snorkel adventure

Being only five hours away on a direct flight from Auckland, I am surprised more people don’t or haven’t visited Cairns and the surrounding Tropical north Queensland across the ditch. Having lived in Queensland for four years in my early 20’s, I fell in love with the place and realised how lucky we were as Kiwis to have such easy access to the warmth, sunshine and more importantly – the Great Barrier reef. It’s been over a few years since I lived and worked there, and I felt it was time to go back and visit my old haunts (particularly the Reef of course) after hearing how El Nino, flooding and the dreaded Crown of thorns seastar (COTS) had started to decimate the coral.