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Critical Diver Treatment Disruption: NHS Grampian Ends Clinical Support in Argyll Chamber

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Concerns have emerged regarding the cessation of clinical assistance at an Argyll-based chamber dedicated to treating unwell divers, according to a recent report from the BBC.

Situated near Oban, this hyperbaric chamber stands as one of Scotland’s two facilities of its kind supported by NHS Grampian. However, the health board has opted to discontinue clinical assistance, forcing afflicted divers to undertake a lengthy journey to Aberdeen for treatment.

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NHS Grampian cited the impending expiration of the current contract as the reason for non-renewal. Members within the diving community express apprehension, fearing potential treatment delays resulting from this change.

The Oban facility specializes in providing hyperbaric oxygen therapy for individuals afflicted with decompression illness, commonly referred to as “the bends.” This condition arises when gases become trapped in bodily tissues during a diver’s ascent, manifesting symptoms such as fatigue, muscle and joint pain, and in severe cases, symptoms akin to stroke, including numbness, tingling, limb weakness, vertigo, breathing difficulties, and chest pain.

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Tritonia, the organization managing the facility, highlights the significant impact that potential delays could have, despite the relatively low number of individuals requiring treatment.

Dr. Martin Sayers, managing director at Tritonia, criticizes the decision, stating it was made without any consultation and calls for reconsideration.

Contrarily, NHS Grampian assures that service delivery will remain unaffected, citing existing arrangements for transferring critically ill patients to the main facility in Aberdeen, which have been in place since the beginning of the year.



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