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Girl Scouts Dive into Scuba Training in Southeast Michigan

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On a brisk February morning, a gathering of 11 and 12-year-old girls hailing from various parts of Southeast Michigan are delving into the world of scuba diving at the Dive Shop in Flint. However, this isn’t your typical swim club or dive team outing; it’s part of a unique Girl Scouts activity. Watch the video at Click on Detroit here

Julie Parsons-Hall, the community event coordinator for Girl Scouts of Southeastern Michigan, explains, “This is known as the try scuba program. The Girl Scouts are given the opportunity to participate in a one-hour session. They receive instruction on safety protocols and equipment handling, followed by hands-on experience in the pool guided by trained instructors.”

Sea to Sky

Before taking the plunge, the girls had to suit up, a task they found challenging. “It was quite heavy, like carrying a backpack loaded with gear,” remarked one of the Scouts. Nonetheless, their determination shone through as they tackled the challenge head-on—an embodiment of the Girl Scouts’ spirit of embracing new experiences.

Parsons-Hall emphasizes, “Girl Scouts are all about venturing into uncharted territories.” This sentiment underscores the organization’s commitment to fostering courage and exploration among its members.

Liquid Diving

For further details about the Girl Scouts of Southeastern Michigan, visit their website.

Source: Click On Detroit



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