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Avon Protection Secures Multi-Million Euro Contract with German Navy for Cutting-Edge Rebreather Technology

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In a noteworthy development, Avon Protection plc has officially announced its successful bid to supply the German Navy with its state-of-the-art Multi-Role Rebreather, marking a significant milestone for the company. The multi-million Euro contract not only encompasses the delivery of Avon’s acclaimed rebreather but also includes provisions for ongoing technical support.

Jos Sclater, the Chief Executive Officer at Avon Protection plc, expressed his enthusiasm regarding the prestigious collaboration, stating, “The selection of our rebreather by the German Navy is a significant award for Avon Protection and the military diving personnel who will benefit from the cutting-edge technologies and enhanced operability it will bring them.”

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The Avon Multi-Role Rebreather is recognized for its market-leading capabilities, making it a preferred choice for military diving operations. The substantial order from the German Navy underlines the trust and confidence placed in Avon Protection plc’s commitment to providing top-tier equipment and support for crucial military endeavors.

This partnership not only strengthens Avon Protection plc’s position as a leading provider of advanced defense solutions but also highlights the continuous efforts to equip military professionals with the latest technologies for enhanced performance and safety in their operations.

The collaboration between Avon Protection plc and the German Navy signifies a strategic alliance aimed at bolstering the capabilities of military divers, reflecting a shared commitment to excellence in defense technology. As Avon Protection plc looks ahead, this achievement further solidifies its reputation as an industry leader in delivering cutting-edge solutions for military and defense applications.


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