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Diving into the Darkness Trailer with Jill Heinerth

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Jill Heinerth is overjoyed. The movie trailer, Diving Into Darkness is now available for viewing. Diving Into The Darkness is an awe-inspiring, intimate and moving film directed by Award Winning Director Nays Baghai and produced by Running Cloud Productions. Witness cave diving legend Jill Heinerth’s unprecedented exploration of underwater realms uncharted by man or woman.

Running Cloud Productions

Formally established in 2018 by Nays and Mehrdad Baghai, Running Cloud is defined by three core values:

Sea to Sky

  1. Depth. A lot of our stories are set in underwater environments, so we frequently descend literally into the depths of various underwater environments. However, we also place a huge emphasis on character-driven, psychological storytelling that is deep figuratively.
  2. Independence. We are not a large Hollywood corporation focused on profit. We are a small team that operates autonomously and believes in focusing on smaller, more authentic stories that resonate.
  3. Professionalism. We believe in maintaining the highest standards for collaboration and delivery. We make it our utmost priority to be communicative, knowledgeable, collaborative, hard-working, efficient and courteous.

In 2020, Running Cloud completed its first long-form production, Descent, which went on to win the Best Documentary award at the Sydney Film Festival, screened at Hot Docs and Raindance, and is now available to watch on Amazon Prime ANZ and Vimeo UK.

Our second feature film, Diving Into The Darkness is at the end of post-production, with a wide release set for 2024. We currently have a multitude of other projects that are in development, including features, series and music videos.

Running Cloud’s name is derived from our ability to work at a fast, efficient pace (“running”) whilst being imaginative and creative (“cloud”). The name is also a reference to the striking Tolkienesque landscapes of Australia and New Zealand that have been both our home and a source of great creative fuel on multiple occasions for us.


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