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“Island of Sea Wolves” Nabbed Four Daytime Emmys in Los Angeles

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Island of Sea Wolves
Image via Facebook. (Maxwel third from right)

A Canadian-made nature series starring Vancouver Island’s famous sea wolves won four Emmys (after being nominated for seven), one of which was for Cinematography. The nature documentary series “Island of the Sea Wolves” from Netflix was shot on Vancouver Island during the pandemic. Due to international travel restrictions at the time, Maxwel Holm, a Canadian was chosen for the series’ filming. Maxwel is a nature and wildlife cinematographer and photographer who lives on Vancouver Island.

Will Arnett narrates Island of the Sea Wolves, a 2022 Canadian documentary series. The series, which was shot on Vancouver Island, focuses on sea wolves and bald eagles, two animal species that must forage for food in the cold waters of the Pacific Ocean. On October 11, 2022, the series debuted on the Netflix streaming platform.

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Outstanding Cinematography, Outstanding Single Camera Editing, Outstanding Sound Mixing, and Outstanding Writing Team for a Daytime Non-Fiction Program were all awarded to the series.

The documentary received positive reviews from critics. The series “does what a lot of nature docuseries’ should do, which is focus on one geographical area and follow its inhabitants through the different seasons,” according to Joel Keller of Decider. It makes for an interesting show.”


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