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Heartbeat of the Deep: Divers See Sixgill Shark on Shipwreck by Uncharted Odyssey

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Back in June 2023, The Scuba News Canada posted about Garrett Clement and a group of dive buddies scuba diving in Port Alberni, Vancouver Island, when they came across a sixgill shark. Garrett’s original video is extended in the video above.

“”Well its here, the full story of the craziness that was this dive. A definite candidate for best dive of 2023.“”

Garrett Clement

The bluntnose sixgill shark is one of the more widespread sharks, living in temperate and tropical seas worldwide. This range extends from North Carolina to Florida (US) and from the northern Gulf of Mexico to northern Argentina, including Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and Cuba. Because of the depth at which these sharks live, a diver may never see one in their entire diving career. It is also uncommon to see them in colder waters. Because of the depths at which the bluntnose sixgill shark spends the majority of its life, little is known about its behaviour and migration habits. This species, however, is most often seen as a lone shark.

Sea to Sky

In the presence of divers, the bluntnose sixgill shark appears to be at ease. It does not like physical contact or being surrounded by humans, so it will swim away into deeper waters. It has been reported that it snaps when touched by divers.

Garrett Clement of Uncharted Odyssey

Liquid Diving

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