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Introducing Wreckwatch

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Cause Deep Down We Care!

Welcome to Wreckwatch, the magazine and YouTube channel that brings you the world’s greatest lost shipwrecks. History, archaeology, treasure. Plunge into the ocean deep. Dream amidst its glittering wonders.

Wreckwatch Magazine

Wreckwatch magazine shares the sunken wonders and beauty of the world’s oceans that belongs to us all. The magazine covers new discoveries and the latest thinking about shipwrecks, exploration, maritime trade, history and art. It’s the first popular magazine dedicated to the global sunken past.

Sea to Sky

As a resource for education and entertainment, Wreckwatch is free to everyone.

Wreckwatch is read in 73 countries and has enjoyed extensive international media interest in newspapers and on television and radio. Double issues range from 114-166 pages each, making it the biggest archaeology magazine in the world.

Our writers include divers and amateur sleuths, museum curators, marine archaeologists, professors and best-selling novelists. 

Wreckwatch TV

Planet Earth is 71% water. We’ve been trying to tame the waves for millennia. They say there are three million wrecks out there, but less than 0.5% of them have been found… so far.

Join Wreckwatch TV (WWTV) as we explore the world’s oceans for sunken history, treasure and the special people who search for it. 

WWTV hosts regular programmes:​

  • We share the latest finds in Seven Seas News.
  • Meet intrepid explorers in our Sunken Lives series.
  • From On The Beach, we visit the latest exhibitions and everything with a watery vibe.
  • We investigate whether Treasure Is Trouble.
  • Wreckwatch TV will bring you the latest must-read books and don’t-miss films.
  • We test the best new tech from dive gear to submersibles.

Dr. Sean Kingsley – dubbed the David Attenborough of shipwrecks by Riviera Buzz – has explored 350 wrecks, from Phoenician and Byzantine ships in 2 metres off Israel to the world’s deepest wrecks found using robots in 4,700 metres off Ireland. He has a doctorate from Oxford University and has been the lead archaeologist on the first-rate warship the Victory (1744) off England, the greatest warship of the early Georgian age of sail, sunk in the English Channel in 1744. As Guest Curator for Voices from the Deep at London’s Postal Museum, he showcased 700 letters recovered from the British India steamship the Gairsoppa (1941). 

Canadian filmmaker Chris Atkins has travelled the world, often to places where most people would not want to go. From filming underwater beneath 14 inches of ice to following a herd of reindeer across the frozen tundra of Siberia, to Afghanistan following Canadian troops, archaeological digs in Israel and to the front lines of ISIS in Iraq, Chris has experienced things few others ever will.

Recently Chris has made a return to his first love of exploring the underwater world, as the on-camera diver and underwater photographer for the team searching for a lost Nazi U-boat in Laurence Fishburne’s History’s Greatest Mysteries on the History Channel.

Learn more at: https://www.wreckwatchmag.com/


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