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Evolution Diving Malapascua Makes History as First Zero-Score Green Fins Certified Member in 20 Years

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A Remarkable Milestone in Environmental Sustainability Achieved by Evolution Diving

In a groundbreaking achievement, Evolution Diving Malapascua has secured the distinguished title of the first zero-score Green Fins Certified Member, marking a historic milestone in environmental conservation. This accomplishment, unparalleled in the last two decades, reflects the unwavering commitment of the Evolution team to minimizing their impact on the marine ecosystem.

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The significance of this achievement goes beyond the confines of the diving industry, underlining the pivotal role played by Evolution Diving Malapascua in setting new standards for sustainable business practices. The announcement was met with widespread acclaim, with the global community acknowledging the dedication and tireless efforts of the Evolution team.

Matt Reed, co-founder of Evolution, shared insights into the motivations and benefits of actively pursuing sustainability in a recent interview. When asked about the main advantages, Reed emphasized, “For us, it’s ensuring business continues to be feasible due to the continued existence of marine life. Customers respect that and choose us as a result.”

The journey towards becoming a zero-score Green Fins Certified Member involved meticulous planning, concerted efforts, and a genuine commitment to preserving the delicate marine environment. Evolution Diving Malapascua’s success serves as an inspiration for businesses seeking to minimize their environmental footprint and contribute to the broader global sustainability movement.

For a detailed exploration of Evolution Diving Malapascua’s experience with the Green Fins program and insights into achieving the lowest environmental impact in business, readers are encouraged to delve into the exclusive interview with Matt Reed. Gain valuable perspectives and discover practical steps to make a positive difference in your industry.

Read the interview at: https://greenfins.net/blog/the-sustainability-interview-evolution-malapascua/


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