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The World’s Largest Salt Mine in Goderich, Ontario – Sifto Salt

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The Goderich Salt Mine (Sifto) is the largest underground salt mine in the world.

The world’s largest underground salt mine, the Goderich (Ontario) mine, is 1,800 feet beneath Lake Huron. The depth of the mine equals the height of Toronto’s CN Tower. The mine is about the same size as Goderich itself, covering a surface area of 7 sq km beneath Lake Huron. It has been in operation since 1959.

Sam Platt, who was prospecting for oil in Goderich Harbour on Lake Huron in 1866 but found rock salt instead of oil. Sifto Canada was founded in 1950, and in the 1990s, Compass Minerals, a US chemical company, purchased the business. The Goderich mine, which has grown to be the largest salt mine in Canada, continues to be a major supplier of salt for Compass Minerals.

The facility uses mechanical evaporation to create high-purity, coarse-and fine-grained salt products in bulk and packages for use in commercial, agricultural, and industrial settings. The mine’s rock salt, which is used for deicing and water conditioning, is also packaged at the plant. Table salt, fine evaporated salt, water conditioning salt, agricultural salt, and highway deicing salt are some of the company’s main products.

The Goderich salt mine has a production capacity of 9 million tons per year, and produces 7,250,000 tons per year.


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