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Give the Gift of Beautiful Adventures: Bold, Unique Jewelry that Adorns Every Exploration, Expedition and Excursion

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Beautifying Travel and Adventure

Tula Blue is a one-of-a-kind minimalist fashion brand whose jewelry is designed to move with you as you embark on bold adventures. Using sustainably-sourced crystals and semi-precious gemstones on cord that is painstakingly hand-woven to be as durable as it is comfortable, Tula Blue is redefining how to both adventure and travel in style. 

“Our jewelry is hand-made by our team in Texas who field tests every piece ensuring it stands up to the challenges of an active lifestyle” says Tula Blue CEO Heather Stringer. “Each individual piece is designed to beautifully accent everywhere you go and everything you do, bringing good vibes every step of the way.” 

So comfortable you’ll forget it’s on until you receive a compliment, Tula Blue’s water-proof and adventure-proof designs are woven with positive energy, intention and eco-friendly materials that take inspiration from the beautiful places we’re drawn to explore. Shells, pearls, crystals and twine are knotted together to create necklaces, bracelets, earrings and anklets that are stackable, ensuring your gift is as unique as your loved one’s favorite places. And, stacks can be created to capture the essence of the epic moments in those destinations, channeling beautiful tropical vibes, bold mountain adventures or magical moments underwater.

“Tula Blue will look great and make you feel great no matter where in the world you are – whether that is scaling mountain peaks, shredding waves, swimming in the sea, hiking in the forest or seeking out places waiting to be discovered,” continues Stringer. “Tula Blue is designed to help you make a fashion statement doing anything you adore and will be something that you can always wear while doing what you love. What’s more, our jewelry is also a daily reminder of the places that bring you joy.”

One Gift, Endless Possibilities 

Giving the gift of Tula Blue’s adventure jewelry allows you to gift thoughtfully this holiday season. Packing light is key for any adventure and Tula Blue’s various collections of necklaces, anklets, bracelets, and earrings allow you to create one diverse set that shines in any environment. Plus, they aren’t delicate as they are tangle and worry free.

Lightweight, durable and easy to travel with, Tula Blue fits into any carry-on or travel bag and transforms into a flattering piece of any adventure outfit without fuss. All the pieces are so comfortable, you’ll put them on then likely forget they are there – but they can handle mud, sea water, sweat, snow and whatever else you can throw at them with style. 

“When you give Tula Blue, you are also re-gifting the beauty and healing Mother Earth has given us, encouraging reconnection with our roots and a simpler life,” continues Stringer. “Bold adventures are not just about exploring your surroundings, but also exploring within yourself. Each of our Tula Blue pieces enhances connection and discovery both internally and externally – with our different crystals and gemstones representing a different journey to embark upon. 

Top Tula Blue Adventure Jewelry to Gift 

Tula Blue has designed their jewelry to be versatile and adaptable, meaning there are endless combinations that can be created and gifted this holiday season. Below are the top products to gift for the various adventure seekers in your life. 

1. For the  Beach Goer: The Minimalist Stack

Tula Blue

Gemstone: Freshwater pearls are used to help harmonize humans with the natural world and larimar helps you radiate feelings of love and healing (plus it’s known to physically help heal sunburns too!) – with this type of balance best found where the ocean meets the sand. 

About: The Minimalist Stack is the perfect gift for someone who is all about a tropical beach adventure, with the combination of the larimar princess necklace, riptide bracelet and dainty loop earrings.  This Tula Blue collection can be worn as a necklace while crinkling your toes in the sand and soaking in the sunshine and sea breeze. 

  • Freshwater pearls and larimar 
  • Signature Tula Blue hand-spun ROPE
  • 100% waterproof
  • Loop & puka shell closure
  • Sliding knot closure to custom fit
  • Standard length: 14” – 18” 

Price: $205USD

Learn more:  tulabluerope.com/collections/necklace-stacks

2. For the Backpacker: Enchanted Three Necklace Stack 

Tula Blue

Gemstones: The amazonite helps balance energy and look at the world in a different way and the opalite removes energy blockages of all the chakras – perfect for anyone wanting to take a risk and discover themselves in new places. 

About: This Tula Blue curated stack puts together three of the most popular necklaces that are perfectly spaced to layer together or wear individually. With the amazonite and opalite gemstones being a core component of this collection and any backpacker will love having versatility in their various looks while setting out to explore the world.  And be reminded of the beautiful sky at the top of a summit.

  • Opalite Princess Necklace, Amazonite Classic Necklace and Amazonite Bohemian Necklace
  • Signature Tula Blue hand-spun ROPE
  • 100% waterproof
  • Loop & puka shell closure
  • Standard length of initial necklace: 15”, 16”, 17”+ then we will take it from there!

Price: $140USD

Learn more: tulabluerope.com/collections/bohemian-collection

3. For the Hiker: Classic Clique Necklace Stack with Labradorite Pendant

Tula Blue

Gemstones: The labradorite helps enhance imagination, calms an overactive mind and is one of the most powerful protectors by shielding the negativity of the world – perfect for those looking to disconnect so they can re-connect with themselves.  What’s more, it looks like a beautiful drop of the ocean or a high-altitude mountain lake.

About: The Classic Clique Necklace consists of a freshwater pearl necklace and a labradorite pendant. Curated to stack together or be worn individually, this set will have hikers feeling their most beautiful selves while exploring some of the most beautiful places on the planet. 

Tula Blue
  • White Pearl Classic and Labradorite Pendant 
  • Signature Tula Blue hand-spun ROPE
  • 100% waterproof
  • Loop & puka shell closure
  • Standard lengths: 16”, 17”, 18″

Price: $90USD

Learn more: tulabluerope.com/collections/necklace-stacks

4.  For the Surfer, Skater or Skier: Celestial Waves Bracelet Stack

Tula Blue

Gemstones: The larimar brings balance to oneself, turquoise instills an inner calm, blush stimulates the heart rate and pearl brings out your inner goddess – perfect for anyone looking to push their limits and do something that requires bravery. 

About: The Celestial Waves Bracelet Stack is designed to make you feel beautiful, bold and fearless. The four different gemstone bracelets can be worn solo or together – whatever your vibe at the time is. This bracelet stack will have surfers, skaters, skiers or any other daredevil feeling like the impossible is possible. 

  • Peruvian Turquoise 8mm Bracelet
  • White Pearl Riptide Bracelet
  • Larimar Riptide Bracelet
  • Blush Medium Rice Bracelet
  • Signature Tula Blue hand-spun ROPE
  • 100% waterproof
  • One size fits all sliding knot for custom fit

Price: $185USD

Learn more: tulabluerope.com/collections/bracelet-stacks

5. For the Weekend Warrior: White Pearl Single Drop Earrings

Tula Blue

Gemstone: White pearl is known to help with balancing emotions and strengthening the mind, as well as supporting a better night’s sleep – perfect for those wanting to switch up their routines and seek out short adventures. 

About: The White Pearl Single Drop Earrings offer a boho-chic look no matter what you’re doing. Start your day off wearing these to your morning yoga class and keep them in throughout the night, regardless of what adventure awaits you. These earrings will support weekend warriors feel naturally beautiful from dawn to dusk. 

  • Single White Pearl Drop Earring (10x11mm)
  • Signature Tula Blue hand-spun ROPE
  • 100% waterproof
  • Sterling silver lever back

Price: $75USD

Learn more: tulabluerope.com/collections/earrings-single-drop-white 

6. For Those Setting Sail: Willow Mixed Bohemian Necklace

Tula Blue

Gemstone: Moonstone supports new beginnings and enhances inner growth and strength, labradorite provides protection and pear brings out one’s self-confidence – supporting those who are about to start exploring unchartered waters. 

About: Playfully dainty, the Moonstone Princess Anklet is designed to keep those setting sail grounded. Even when traveling through turbulent waters, this piece of jewelry is the perfect gift to give to help enhance a sailor’s intuition and promote a successful voyage. 

  • Mixed Bohemian Necklace with labradorite, moonstone and pearl
  • Signature Tula Blue hand-spun ROPE
  • 100% waterproof
  • Loop and puka shell closure 
  • 15”-18” standard length

Price: $45USD

Learn more: tulabluerope.com/products/mixed-bohemian

“We weave purpose into everything our team creates, knotting intention and empowering energy into each individual piece of Tula Blue. Regardless of your journey, live big and adventure boldly – it is something that is certainly not going to go out of style anytime soon,” continues Stringer. 

For more information about Tula Blue and their holiday selections, visit tulabluerope.com 


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