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DIVER Magazine Hangs Up Its Fins

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Diver Mag
Photo Credit: DIVER Magazine

The current issue of DIVER which has stopped publishing after 48 years, will be the last. In the upcoming weeks and months, we will also be closing the website and digital edition.

Since Phil Nuytten, the publisher and owner of DIVER, passed away earlier this year, some decisions had to be made about the publication’s future, so we decided to end with a tribute issue to him. Making this choice was neither fast nor simple.

A remarkable 48 years have passed since DIVER first appeared. That requires tremendous endurance in the publishing industry. Few magazines have lasted as long as this one, which can be attributed to its contributors, advertisers, and readers.

We simply wouldn’t have had the run we did without you. both divers and non-divers. Readers contemplating their upcoming purchase in a dive shop, on a dive boat, on their morning commute, or while lounging on a couch; you made the past 48 years possible if you’ve ever held the exquisitely glossy pages and gazed wondrously into the vibrant illustrations that adorn it.

It has been a pleasure to create a magazine that is so well-liked and respected for you all to read. Our goals were to instruct, amuse, and inspire. Our authors put a lot of effort into making their experiences come to life in a way that others can benefit from. Our readers invested their hard-earned cash to invest in those stories, adventures, and opinions because our advertisers offered us the carrot of exotic locations to strive for.

If I have become a diving photojournalist, you were the giants whose shoulders I stood upon. This marks the end of an era. I’m filled with gratitude that I was small part of it.

Jett Britnell

Jett Britnell published 94 articles, contributed to 33 magazine covers, and wrote some ads and advertorials for DIVER.

Thanks to all our readers, contributors and advertisers for an incredible 48 years of adventure. Happy diving from the DIVER team.


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