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Egypt: Dive into History

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Egypt, a land of ancient wonders, offers more than just pyramids and pharaohs—it’s also a diving paradise with a rich underwater heritage waiting to be explored. The Red Sea, renowned for its vibrant coral reefs and captivating marine life, beckons adventurers and history enthusiasts alike. Here, we present liveaboard offers that will transport you to Egypt’s underwater treasures:

Blue Horizon – 01 Jan 2024 – from €788.00 – Northern Wrecks & Reefs (Hurghada-Hurghada) – Group specials also available! (20% OFF)

Begin your new year with a splash by embarking on the Northern Wrecks & Reefs adventure with Blue Horizon. Departing on January 1, 2024, this remarkable journey offers a 20% discount. Explore the iconic wrecks and thriving coral reefs of the northern Red Sea, where history and marine life collide.

Blue Melody – 26 Jan 2024 – from €788.00 – North & Safaga (Hurghada-Hurghada) – Group specials also available! (20% OFF)

Set sail aboard Blue Melody on January 26, 2024, and delve into the North & Safaga itinerary at a 20% discount. This expedition combines the best of the north and the enchanting diving spots around Safaga, offering a diverse and captivating underwater experience.

Emperor Echo – 23 Nov 2023 – from €1,116.00 – Daedalus, Fury and Elphinstone (Marsa Ghalib departure) – Special Price Offer! Valid for new bookings only. (20% OFF)

Explore the remote and breathtaking sites of Daedalus, Fury, and Elphinstone with Emperor Echo’s Special Price Offer. Departing on November 23, 2023, this 20% discount on new bookings provides an opportunity to witness the incredible biodiversity and underwater landscapes of this unique region.

Egypt’s Red Sea is a living testament to history and a haven for divers. Whether you’re a seasoned underwater explorer or someone looking to dive into the past and present of this magnificent region, these liveaboard offers open the door to an unforgettable journey. Secure your spot today and prepare to dive into the mysteries and marvels of Egypt’s underwater world.

See more Egypt liveaboard deals at: https://www.thescubanews.com/egypt/


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