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Discover the World’s Most Incredible Liveaboard Dive Destinations: Maldives, Indonesia, and Egypt

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Are you itching to embark on an unforgettable underwater adventure? Look no further! We’ve scoured the internet to bring you this week’s special liveaboard offers, spanning three breathtaking destinations: the Maldives, Indonesia, and Egypt. Whether you’re seeking vibrant coral reefs, elusive marine life, or historic underwater wrecks, these deals are sure to have you packing your fins and wetsuit in no time.

Maldives: An Aquatic Paradise

Carpe Diem – 14 Oct 2023 – from €1,268.00 – Baa – Raa- Baa – Rasdhoo – Ari – Vaavu – South Male (Dharavandhoo-Male) – (30% OFF)

With its pristine turquoise waters and world-class dive sites, the Maldives is a true underwater paradise. The Carpe Diem offers a luxurious escape, and with a 30% discount, it’s more enticing than ever.

Carpe Novo – 15 Oct 2023 – from €1,974.00 – Best of Ari Atolls (Male – Male) – Valid until Oct. 06, 2023 (30% OFF)

Explore the Best of Ari Atolls on the Carpe Novo and witness the Maldives’ abundant marine life up close. The 30% discount is the perfect reason to dive into this unparalleled adventure.

Emperor Leo – 14 Oct 2023 – from €1,756.00 – Best of Maldives 7 Nights (Male – Male) – Valid for new bookings only! (20% OFF)

Discover the Best of Maldives aboard the Emperor Leo and save 20% on your dream dive vacation. This luxurious liveaboard guarantees unforgettable encounters with sharks, rays, and colorful reef fish.

Emperor Serenity – 17 Sep 2023 – from €1,810.00 – Best of Maldives 7 Nights (Male – Male) – (30% OFF)

The Emperor Serenity takes you to the heart of the Maldives’ underwater treasures. Book now and enjoy a 30% discount on this extraordinary dive experience.

Felicity – 07 Sep 2024 – from €2,959.00 – Best of Maldives (Male – Male) – Early Bird Deal (50% OFF)

Get ahead of the game with an early bird deal on the Felicity and save a whopping 50% on your Maldives diving adventure. Don’t miss this chance to explore the very best of this underwater wonderland.

Underwater Indonesia
Photo by Adrian Jakob on Unsplash

Indonesia: Dive into Diversity

Adelaar – 13 Oct 2023 – from €3,936.00 – Banda Sea – Ring of Fire (Ambon – Ambon) – Last Minute Specials! (20% OFF)

Embark on an adventure in the Banda Sea, known as the “Ring of Fire.” Adelaar offers 20% off for last-minute bookings, ensuring you’ll witness the mesmerizing marine life of this unique region.

Ecopro Duyung Baru – 01 Feb 2024 – from €925.00 – Komodo (Labuan Bajo – Labuan Bajo) – Early Bird Special! (25% OFF)

Komodo National Park is a diver’s dream, and Ecopro Duyung Baru is offering an enticing 25% early bird discount for an expedition into this captivating marine wonderland.

Mari – 25 Sep 2023 – from €2,680.00 – Raja Ampat Central/North (Sorong – Sorong) – Last Minute Offer! (30% OFF)

Raja Ampat is synonymous with unparalleled biodiversity, and Mari’s 30% last-minute offer makes this adventure even more irresistible.

Samambaia – 02 Oct 2023 – from €5,006.00 – Banda Sea (Ambon – Ambon): 11N/12D – last moment booking! (20% OFF)

Journey through the remote Banda Sea with Samambaia’s 20% discount on last-minute bookings. Experience pristine dive sites and awe-inspiring underwater landscapes.

The Maj Oceanic – 12 Oct 2023 – from €6,388.00 – Alor Archipelago & Banda Spice Islands (Alor – Ambon) – Special Price Offer! Valid for new bookings only. (20% OFF)

Explore the hidden gems of the Alor Archipelago and Banda Spice Islands on The Maj Oceanic, with a special price offer of 20% off for new bookings.

Daedalus Reef
Daedalus Reef, Red Sea, Egypt
Photo by Gerald Schömbs on Unsplash

Egypt: A Journey through History

Seven Seas – 26 Oct 2023 – from €1,347.00 – Daedalus, Fury and Elphinstone (Marsa Ghalib departure) – (20% OFF)

Unearth the secrets of the Red Sea with Seven Seas’ 20% discount. Dive into the mystique of Daedalus, Fury, and Elphinstone, renowned for their incredible marine life and historic shipwrecks.

Now, the choice is yours: Will you explore the Maldives’ coral gardens, Indonesia’s rich biodiversity, or Egypt’s historic underwater relics? Whichever destination you choose, these special liveaboard offers promise unforgettable underwater adventures at unbeatable prices. Don’t wait; book your dream dive vacation today!

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