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Hub Island: Just Room Enough Island

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Hub Island, also known as Just Room Enough Island, is an island in the Thousand Islands chain in New York, America. The island, which appears to be about 3,300 square feet (310 m2), or one-third of an acre, is renowned for being the smallest inhabited island. The island itself is as big as a tennis court. The island, which was bought by the Sizeland family in the 1950s, has a house, a tree, bushes, and a small beach.

Close to the Canadian border, Just Room Enough is located on the Saint Lawrence River between Heart Island and Imperial Isle. The village of Alexandria Bay, which is a part of the town of Alexandria in Jefferson County, New York, contains the island.

The Sizeland family purchased the island in the 1950s with the intention of using it as a vacation retreat and constructed a home there. In 2010, The Washington Post reported that “One misstep and you’re swimming” due to the island’s small size. This tiny cottage covers almost every square inch of the dry land. After competition of the cottage, the Sizeland family renamed the property’s name from Hub Island to Just Enough Room Island and planted a tree there.

On this island, a family reportedly still resides. However, they desired a quiet location far from everything. They frequently fail to achieve their goal of solitude because of all the tourist boats and the curious onlookers.

The land must be larger than one square foot, remain above the water year-round, and support at least one tree in order to be classified as an island in the area. Although Just Room Enough Island satisfies these requirements, it is more of a house than an island.


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