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Hooded Nudibranch Mating Behavior

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Melibe leonina, also known as the lion nudibranch, lion’s mane nudibranch, or hooded nudibranch, is a species of predatory nudibranch belonging to the Tethydidae family. Between Alaska and Baja California, this species can be found in the eastern Pacific Ocean.

The reproductive organs of Nudibranch, a simultaneous hermaphrodite, are on the right side of the body. Individuals have internal fertilization and are capable of laying up to 30,000 eggs at once. Eggs are laid by both males and females in protective ribbons that the mucus gland secretes. Egg capsules with 15 to 25 eggs are found in ribbons. After about 10 days, the eggs will change into larva, which will eventually hatch into veligers. Although they initially have shells, they lose them after hatching. The only time mating has been seen is during the day.

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