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A “Yellowknife Moment”; Shit I Found Diving in YK

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“In a truly “Yellowknife” moment; I found a wallet under the Government Dock while doing a cleanup today. (July 2022) On the shore I checked the ID to see if I knew the person. Turns out I did, and he was on the other side of the bay.

I tried to call (no answer), so I yelled his name out as loud as I could and he came to the door on the plant. Waved the wallet in the air and told him to come get it.

Apparently he had lost it a week ago and didn’t know where it was. Luckily he didn’t get around to replacing his drivers license and such, so he wasn’t out those costs!”

Jeremy MacDonald
Jeremy MacDonald
Photo Credit: Jeremy MacDonald

Jeremy is a career military man with the Canadian Armed Forces, a Scuba Instructor and hails originally from New Brunswick. He calls Yellowknife home for the last years and on his days off, dives for “garbage” to clean up the rivers near Yellowknife.

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