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Tiger Shark Which Killed Russian Tourist in Egypt to be Embalmed and Put on Display

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Hurghada, Egypt recently witnessed the embalming process of the Tiger Shark which fatally attacked a Russian tourist in the Red Sea.

According to local media reports, the process is being carried out by a team of marine biologists and preservationists. Under the supervision of Dr. Amir Hamza, the team employed advanced techniques. The embalming process involved draining the shark’s blood and replacing it with a specialized embalming fluid to halt decomposition.

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The team meticulously repositioned the shark’s fins and tail to maintain its natural appearance. The preserved killer shark will be exhibited in Hurghada’s Marine Biology and Oceanography Museum, offering visitors an opportunity to observe the shark up close and learn about shark conservation.

Following the fatal attack on Vladimir Popov, local fisherman captured the tiger shark and subjected it to what many locals have described as a period of torture, including beating with sticks and a prolonged period out of the water while observers took photographs and selfies.


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  1. Humans will always be the most disgusting and gruesome species on this planet. Not only did a man die, but a mother and her child were brutally murdered. The man’s death was tragic and hard to watch, but he was in the shark’s territory. Human’s aren’t the only species who have the right to live on this planet, even if we think we are… Shame on these people.

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