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Night Diving at Cardigan, Prince Edward Island

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Night Dive by Devon Lynn with dive buddies Alan Parrish and Kelly Campbell at Cardigan, Prince Edward Island September 2022.

Cardigan (population: 269 in 2016) was a municipality in Prince Edward Island, Canada. It was a fishing village in eastern Kings County.

Welsh farmers named the community, which was later thought to be named after James Brudenell, 5th Earl of Cardigan, later Duke of Montague. The community of Cardigan Bridge, located on the Cardigan River, began and grew as a result of the shipbuilding industry and lumber trade.

It was merged with six other municipalities on September 28, 2018, to form the town of Three Rivers.

Manufacturing is the community’s primary industry today, followed by fishing, particularly lobster, mussels, and clams.

The community also has Canada’s tiniest library. It is unstaffed. On the far side of the building, there is a door with a window facing the river. The other three walls are covered in book shelves, and there is a table and chair. Borrowers are directed to a separate building across the street to view selections via a sign.

Prince Edward Island
Photo Credit: Verne EquinoxCC BY 3.0 via Wikipedia

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