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Scubagaskets Offers April 2023

Waterproof  DIN Dust cover Protective Cup cover for 1st stages

This heavy-duty DIN protective cup cover made from bronze can secure that no damage is made to regulator DIN threads even  at harsh conditions and prevent water or contaminants come in contact with the DIN regulator head

19,99 € 14,99 € + VAT

Scuba tool for dry suit Sitech valves. Made from bronze alloy

Unscrew the valve base and screw the base of this scuba tool onto the male thread in the valve, then screw the second part of this tool (pin) on the base of the tool until feels resistant. Insert any kind of tool like a screwdriver or lever in the holes tool and keep screwing until the valve feels open. Pull slightly the upper part of the valve to create a gap between the 2 parts of the valve. Then unscrew the pin part of this tool and pull the upper part of the valve with the second part of the tool still on the valve. The valve is opened

Sea to Sky

36,00 € 26,00 € + VAT

Battery O-Rings for Suunto D6, D6i, D6i Novo, D6M, D6M Novo

  • **Bulk Discount**
  • +5 pack= -15%
  • +10 pack= -30%
  • Qty: 10 O-rings/pack

19,99 € 15,99 € + VAT

HP Valve seat for APEKS 1st Stage 

  • **Bulk Discount**
  • 20 pcs = -15%
  • 50 pcs = -25%
  • As part no SGAP 1419   

11,99 € + VAT

LP seat for APEKS – 2nd Stage scuba regulators SGAP 2034

Bulk Discounts 

  • 10 pcs      -10%
  • 50 pcs      -20%
  • 150 pcs    -30%

3,75 € 3,25 € + VAT

Learn more about Scubagaskets at: https://www.scubagaskets.com



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Scuba Mask Straps