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Night Dive at Souris, Prince Edward Island

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Souris is a town in the province of Prince Edward Island, Canada. It is situated near the province’s northeastern tip.

Acadians established Souris in 1727 as a fishing settlement at the mouth of the Souris River. During the 1720s and 1760s, there were several plagues of field mice in the surrounding area, which harmed crops. Souris is French for “mouse,” and the town’s mascot is a mouse. “A French vessel passing by the bay in the early 1700s was forced to cut through the waves of drowned mice and thus gave the area its name,” according to legend. The bay is labelled “Havre a la Souris” on Sieur de la Roque’s 1744 map. Colville Bay, Grand Haven, New Bristol, and Red Cliffs were among the previous names.

Souris has a well-developed fishing boat and boat repair harbour. Souris has housed an interprovincial ferry terminal for the service to Quebec’s Magdalen Islands since the 1960s. The Coopérative de transport maritime et aérien operates the MV Madeleine II (CTMA).

The area’s economy is dominated by the seasonal industries of fishing and oysters, agriculture, and tourism. There are also several industrial businesses and a thriving retail sector. Banks, pharmacies, cafés, restaurants, gas stations, a grocery store, and other independent businesses can be found in town.

Kitesurfing is popular in Souris and the surrounding beaches. Souris Beach is a mid-level beach with good wave conditions when the wind blows from the southwest. In general, conditions at Little Harbour, Basin Head, and other nearby beaches are favourable in southwest and southeast winds.

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