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Typo Shipwreck at Presque Isle, Michigan, USA

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The Typo, a three-masted schooner, sank six miles east-southeast of Presque Isle light in 1899 after being hit by the V.H. Ketchum and carrying a coal cargo. Some of this coal is spread on the lake bottom. The Typo felt she had the right of way. The number of fatalities is unknown, but reports suggest that it was between 4 and 9.

With her travels, the Typo did not have luck on her side. Before her final sinking, she had many mishaps, including running aground, catching fire, breaking a jib-boom, being abandoned, recovered, and repaired again.

Sea to Sky

This three-masted schooner was built in 1893 by Wolfe & Davidson in Milwauke to fit the width and length of the Welland Canal at the time. Her dimensions were 138 x 26 x 11, 336g 319n.

Typo Shipwreck
Photo Credit: Edward J. Dowling Collection, University of Detroit-Mercy

Dive Report

The wreck is a technical dive that sits upright in 180 feet of water. Divers can swim inside the schooner’s holds to see a large center-board and learn about the ship’s construction. Divers are asked to show respect by swimming around the stern as one of the crew rests there. Her bow is completely intact, with the anchors, rigging, bowsprit, and a portion of the jib-boom are still attached. The bow mast reaches for the surface, and divers can follow it up to about 100 feet to see the crows nest. An old iron bell hangs on the decks below.

You Tube Video: Typo Shipwreck, Lake Huron, Presque Isle, Michigan by Curtis Lahr

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