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Ghost Ships – Uncovering the Truth About Some Historic Maritime Catastrophes

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Ghost Ships follows pro salvage diver Tony Sampson (Curse of Oak Island) and his team as they brave the shifting currents and bone-chilling legends of Nova Scotia in search of answers as they investigate underwater mysteries and long-forgotten shipwrecks in the ‘Graveyard of the North Atlantic.’

Tony Sampson

Tony Samspon (curse of Oak Island) is a qualified occupational diver and recreational master instructor specializing in all forms of marine service; an experienced shipwreck diver and researcher; and a Safety Diver on documentaries, series, and movies.

Sea to Sky

Tony is also the Owner of Salty Dog Tours out of Western Shore, Nova Scotia.

Former Professions: Navy (4 years); Police Force (12 years); Fire Service (2 years professional and 10 years volunteer); Paramedic for EHS Nova Scotia for 10 years, PADI Master Instructor teaching in Tonga, Cook Islands, New Zealand, UK, British Columbia, Nova Scotia (39+ years diving experience); Qualified Rebreather diver (Kiss and Inspiration); a variety of Overseas contract work.

The series made it’s debut in Cannes recently and consists of 4 1 hour segments.


La Galigo

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