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Saltwater Souvenirs – Upcoming Documentary

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A documentary about Saltwater Sean will be released this spring by filmmaker Sean MacDougall.

Sean McMullen is a treasure hunter, free diver and explorer on a mission to see what lurks beneath Nova Scotia’s waters. Saltwater Sean lives in Chester, Nova Scotia.

Sean, a freediver, was named The Plastic Oceans Foundation Canada’s Local Hero for April 2022. He has been snorkelling and freediving since he was a teenager. When the pandemic hit in 2020, he began filming and uploading his exploits to YouTube to pass the time. It simply took on life of its own and became his obsession from there. It started with him simply looking for interesting bottles, but he quickly realized that if he’s only taking what I want and leaving the garbage behind, that’s not a good thing. As a result, he began carrying everything he encountered to the surface, photographing it, and posting it online. His online videos are popular.

Salwater Sean Documentary

The Scuba News Canada is pleased to have presented many of Sean’s videos and his underwater finds.

Stay tuned, we will notify our readers when Saltwater Souvenirs is released.


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