Petition to Stop Shark Being Sold Under Misleading Names in the UK

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Defra’s Commercial Designations of Fish allows 46 shark species to be sold under 6 generic names in UK chippies and fishmongers (e.g. Rock Salmon). These include Critically Endangered sharks. We ask that shark must instead be sold under common names to enable consumers to make ethical choices.

Sharks are critical to oceans

46 (often rare) sharks can be sold as Rock Salmon, Rock Eel, Dogfish, Flake, Huss or Rigg. 94 DNA samples showed an 86% chance of eating Spiny Dogfish in a chippy when ordering fish listed under these names.

The IUCN Red List assessment found that Spiny Dogfish stock in the NE Atlantic was Critically Endangered, and Vulnerable to Extinction globally.

Tope – Critically Endangered globally – is sold under these names too. For comparison, orangutans and gorillas are also Critically Endangered.

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