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The Marine Museum at Port Dover

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The Port Dover Harbour Museum promotes and preserves Port Dover’s history, with a focus on the community’s commercial fishing heritage along Lake Erie’s north shore.

The museum engages the community by actively collecting memories and material culture while also providing an engaging experience for all visitors.

Education Programs

Sailing Through Time Education Program

During this hands-on programme, learn about the history of Port Dover and how Lake Erie has shaped the community. Students will gather evidence by reading maps, examining reproduction photos, and handling artefacts.

Having an Impact: Biodiversity Education Program

For a day, pretend to be an environmental scientist!
Examine and analyse the effects of human activity and invasive species on Lake Erie. Students will work in groups to research Lake Erie’s ecosystem and propose actions to preserve the Lake’s rich biodiversity. They will use both real and reproduction specimen samples and artefacts.

Investigating Inventions Education Program

Learn about Port Dover’s unique commercial fishing history and how simple machines continue to make fishermen’s lives easier today. Students will explore the museum through hands-on activities to investigate simple machines and types of movement. They will also be able to design and build a simple machine.

44 Harbour Street
Port Dover, Ontario
N0A 1N0

Free Parking

Admission: Donation

Learn more at: https://portdovermuseum.ca/


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