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Dip a Day Challenge Completed!

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She did it. 31 swims in 31 days in October to raise awareness for ocean health. We recently followed Chantelle Wyatt on her dip a day challenge for Surfers Against Sewage and she has got to the end and completed it.

The weather has been turbulent this month, making some swims more pleasant than others but all unique in their own way. Different locations, different conditions and different friends and family tagging along. What a month!

Sea to Sky

The sea dips are all about connecting with nature, using outdoor space and enjoying what we have locally whether it be a lake, river, stretch of coastline, pond or puddle. The challenge was ultimately to raise awareness about water quality and about what is being done to challenge those who pollute it.

Surfers Against Sewage is a grassroots environmental charity dedicated to the protection of the ocean, waves, beaches and wildlife. The challenge set by the charity was to encourage people to utilise natural spaces around them and to promote keeping these precious spots safe and protected.

Chantelle enjoys her local beaches and wants to continue to do so, to continue to dip in clean water and to keep her home town and other sea areas in a condition for everyone to be able to access safely.

‘The challenge felt personal to me. I want to fight the fight to help take care of my local community. I value it and I want it to last. I have had such a great time swimming with friends and their children, my family and even strangers I have met on the beach. People protect what they love and I am really in love with Southsea, it’s my home.’

‘I am guided and motivated by good friends like Sarah Shreeve who work tirelessly to try to stop sewage filtering, being dumped into our seas. Sarah helped found and is leading, quite courageously the ‘Stop the Sewage’ campaign to make Southern Water cease raw sewage discharge. Sarah brings people together not only to protest but to enjoy the water and to really think about why we need to preserve it. She is one of my local heroes and we are very lucky to have her along with so many other individuals who continue to fight for change.’

The last dip to bring her challenge to an end was on Halloween which was marked by a night swim to suit the date. A chilly end to a fantastic month with a pumpkin spiced latte to warm up at the Coffee Cup in Eastney before heading home.

Congratulations Chantelle!

Learn more at: https://www.sas.org.uk/dip-a-day & https://www.facebook.com/groups/1067802947382863/


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