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Women Divers Hall of Fame Welcome Three New Members in 2023

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This year at DEMA, there will be a massive celebration with The Women Divers Hall of Fame.

The Women Divers Hall of Fame is pleased to announce the induction of three classes of WDHOF Members: 2020, 2021, and 2022. These remarkable women are WDHOF Members, but due to the impact of COVID on travel and gatherings, we were unable to provide a formal Induction Ceremony.

As a result, This year, at DEMA 2022, we will host the Induction Celebration, which will include a reception, catered dinner, and an induction ceremony followed by a champagne toast.

Here are the inductees

Erika Lopez from Columbia, South America

Protector of Island Sanctuary, Marine Conservationist, Pelagic Conservationist
Erika Lopez is the Executive Director of the Colombia Foundation for Biodiversity Conservation.

Its mission is to conserve and protect the biodiversity of Malpelo’s flora and fauna sanctuary. This iconic hotspot has been known in the international diving world as one of the top dive sites for migratory sharks in the Tropical East Pacific Marine Corridor connecting Malpelo to Galapagos (Ecuador), Cocos (Costa Rica), and Coiba (Panama). Erika used collaborations with the Colombian Navy, National Parks, and ecotourism to protect this part of the world. She is also a PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer who has completed over 10,000 dives.

Andrea Marshall, Ph.D. from Mozambique, South Africa

Andrea Marshall is the founder of a non-governmental organisation in Mozambique, conservation biologist, and educator.

Andrea, who has been obsessed with the ocean since she was five years old, wrote her Jr. on her 12th birthday, she took the Open Water test. Andrea is a technical diver, professional underwater photographer, and Africa’s leading marine field biologist after thousands of dives. She is a National Geographic Explorer and a member of the Explorers Club, and she co-founded the MarineMegafauna Foundation, a prominent conservation organisation. Andrea works all over the world but currently resides in Mozambique with her cinematographer husband and daughter. She is a well-known ocean conservationist, a popular public speaker and educator, and the owner of two travel companies that cater to adventurous, conservation-minded divers.

Elizabeth (Liz) Taylor from California, USA

Elizabeth (Liz) Taylor is an explorer, educator, and executive in the submersible industry.

Liz Taylor has been with DOER Marine since its inception, rising to the position of President in 1994. Submersibles and other subsea systems are designed and built by the company. She advocates for public access to water and broadening water competency as an advisor to CalMaritime, the Wild Oyster Project, and the Deep Water Horizon Study Group.

She has taken part in over 60 scientific diving and ocean exploration projects, including expeditions under the Explorers Club flag. She has written a number of articles and white papers. Liz received the prestigious inaugural Wings World Quest innovation award and co-hosts The Ocean Elders’ Dive In with Liz and Sylvia series.

Congratulations to all three ladies!

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