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Scuba Diving Darnley Point, Prince Edward Island

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Devon Lynn’s friend suggested they go on an exploration dive out at Darnley Point in Prince Edward Island with the idea of not wearing a wetsuit. Their dive was a maximum depth of 30 feet (hence the green video), and they found plenty of critters once they reached the reef.

Darnley Point is a cape on the island of Prince Edward Island. Darnley Point is located northeast of Taylors Pond and east of Cabot Beach Provincial Park.

Sea to Sky

Three rental cottages are located in the wooded area in the northeast corner of Darnley Point, with plenty of privacy between them. Over the last half-century, the cottages have all been built and placed to the satisfaction of the owner family. The first cottage was constructed in 1962 and was used as a summer home until the early 1990s. As the family grew, the other cottages were added. All of the cottages are only a few hundred feet from the beach.

The Darnley Greens Golf Course is nearby. Kensington, a 15-minute drive away, has several grocery stores, hardware stores, and other necessities. Summerside is about a half-hour drive away. It has many shops and restaurants, as well as a modern hospital. Wild raspberries and strawberries can be found in the woods and fields surrounding the cottages.

Dive Report

The depth was 30 feet, and the bottom temperature was 18 degrees Celsius, (64 F) though this varied due to a strong thermocline in some areas near the reef. We were down for 51 minutes with only about 12 feet of visibility. There was no filter on my camera.

Devon Lynn

Video from YouTube: Devon Lynn, PhD student at UPEI

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