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“Adapting to Dive” Continues Winning Awards at Film Festivals Worldwide

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Filmmaker David Marsh turns story of loss and adaptive scuba diving into award winning film.

Los Angeles filmmaker David Marsh has been winning Laurels internationally at film festivals since the premiere May 18th 2022 of his Documentary Adapting to Dive.

Adapting to Dive Movie

“Adapting to Dive”, follows filmmaker, David Marsh, on a transformational journey after losing his son to an opioid overdose on Thanksgiving Day, just one week before he was to join the non-profit group Diveheart on an adaptive scuba diving trip to Cozumel Mexico. Along with David’s story, the film highlights the highs and lows and challenges of a group of scuba divers with disabilities and their work with non-profit Diveheart.

The film maker, David Marsh, has yet to attend an international film festival screening, but he and Diveheart Founder, Jim Elliott, attended the OIFF award ceremony on July 15th. The ceremony was held at the Orange County Convention Center. They were joined by one of the adaptive scuba divers featured in the film. Peggy Domitz has a spinal cord injury and leads a spinal cord injury group at St Mary’s Medical Center in south Florida. She met Jim Elliott 10 years ago and has been on several scuba diving trips with Diveheart over the last few years. 

Adapting to Dive is available to Rent or Buy at Amazonhttps://amzn.to/3Oi1PV6


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