Celebrate World Manta Day with Blue Planet Cameraman, Doug Allan

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Join multi-award-winning wildlife cameraman Doug Allan and the Manta Trust for an evening of Manta Ray conservation at The Royal Geographical Society, London.

The Manta Trust will hold their first in-person World Manta Day celebration in two years, “An Evening with Doug Allan,” this September 17th at the Royal Geographical Society, London. With over 100 filming expeditions, 35 years of polar exploration, and many on-screen firsts for documentaries such as Blue Planet, Planet Earth, and Frozen Planet, “World Manta Day: An Evening with Doug Allan” promises incredible stories of adventure and unique wildlife encounters. Since being introduced to the Maldivian manta ray population by Dr. Guy Stevens, Doug Allan has been a long-time supporter and patron of the Manta Trust and an enthusiastic champion of manta ray conservation.

Learn more at: https://dive.im/3A9FeoP



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