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Shipwreck – Charles P. Minch

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In a stormy day of October 1898, the Charles P. Minch was anchored to the east of Cove Island, waiting for the intense southwest winds to subside. Unfortunately, the wind changed to the east, trapping the Minch in Tecumseh Cove. The ship eventually got blown out onto the rocks.

Diving the Wreck

There are actually two moorings for the Minch. The outer mooring is located in 55 feet of water and marks a section of the side, a rudder and other scattered wreckage. The primary mooring is located close to the head of Tecumseh Cove in 25 feet of water. It marks the central location of widely scattered wreckage. The largest section is a portion of the hull with the centreboard box and numerous artifacts. One such artifact is rumored to be the ship’s wheel, but the doubtful would have you believe that it is too small to be the wheel of the Minch.

Charles P Minch
Photo Credit: Stuart Seldon @ Wetspots Images

One of the Minch’s anchors has been recovered and is on display at the top of the cliff in Little Tub Harbour.

Article Courtesy Divers Den in Tobermory

Photo Contributions from Stuart Seldon


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