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Canadian Kirk Krack Speaks at the International Diving Congress With Diving Talks

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Hold your breath! Kirk Krack is coming to Troia to talk about freediving and his involvement with the movie Avatar 2. Only in the Diving Talks – Portugal 2022 edition.

Performance Freediving International (PFI), founded in January 2000, was the world’s first fully integrated freediving educational system with professional liability insurance. Kirk has trained and coached seven athletes to 23 world records, including special operations groups from three different countries. He was a pioneer in the development of Technical Freediving.

Sea to Sky

As a Liminal Collective Performance Advisor focused on human performance in the diving environment, he is currently working to bring a ‘liquid breathing’ project to life following a 2019 collective symposium on the subject.

Kirk has been the trainer and consultant for James Cameron’s Avatar Sequels cast and crew since 2017. Avatar completed over a quarter-million freedives during this time, with their largest scene involving 26 people underwater on breath-hold with breath-hold times as long as 4.5min and no hypoxic events or blackouts due to the use of ‘technical freediving’ procedures. Kirk is a wilderness EMT and Hyperbaric Technician, as well as the DAN Rolex Diver of the Year for 2016.

Liquid Diving

Learn more at https://www.divingtalks.com



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