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Whether you wish to scuba dive recreationally or professionally, your safety and experience quality are of utmost importance. Therefore, the equipment used to successfully and safely remain submerged for extended periods of time and able to focus your time and energy on either enjoyment or the task at hand must be of highest quality, from the overall function down to every last part and from short-term success to long-term durability in the form of scuba gear maintenance.


Who We Are & What We Do

Scubagaskets is an online shop trading scuba O-ring products and scuba gear service related products. Having mastered the science of scuba O-rings for scuba professionals as per our slogan, our aim is to build a reputation as the “eBay” or “Amazon” of any scuba diver for their logistical, professional and recreational needs. In order to achieve that goal, research and development activities is a never ending process, generating new products all the time (in some cases every week!). Having in our Scuba O-ring product range more than 140 different O-ring sizes we claim the title of the biggest scuba O-ring range globally.    

Active since 2010, Scubagaskets ships its products worldwide, with customers in 56 countries so far. What sets our quality-certified O-rings apart from others is that they are supplied exclusively by the Dutch company Europeseals BV, which has over 35 years of experience in varied O-ring markets using the highest quality materials, tried-and-true production processes, and rigorous international standards  to ensure safe and reliable products.


As a an additional service to our customers, ScubaGaskets cooperate with other companies of highest reputation in their field, as for example Triboloube, for the provision of scuba lubricants, scuba service tools, compressor parts, scuba tank valves, scuba hoses and many more. At the moment we offer over 912 different products, arranged in 11 different categories and 22 sub categories, hoping to cover all needs of scuba diving industry regarding Scuba O-rings, Scuba Tools, Accessories, full service kits, individual parts. 


Shipping Cost: In order to avoid the so annoying  pop up message, that every now and then we all get in our screen during search for products “We do not ship to your destination” or the extreme shipping cost that are calculated based on the customer location and order weight,  ScubaGaskets set as a goal to offer delivery to any destination on earth at a reasonable cost. For this reason ScubaGaskets subsidises the shipping cost and have only 2 FLAT RATE shipping options REGARDLESS of weight or volume of the customer’s order. 

Option 1: Registered postal mail at a cost of €12.99 euros (shipping and handling) 

Option 2: DHL express shipping at a cost of €35.99 euros 

We think no other company offer that to their customers, that’s why we have customers around the world. 

Maybe is time for you to save us in your bookmarks too?

See our full product range here Catalogue  2022

Best wishes for great diving experiences. 

Learn more about Scubagaskets at: https://scubagaskets.com


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With more than 30 years of experience in different markets for O Rings and other seals including Aerospace, Automotive and Semiconductor industry, but also specially focused on water applications. Our aim is "added value" not only logistic but moreover technical reliability and safe products for our customers.

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