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Diving Talks 2022 – The Discussion Everybody Will Want To Hear

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Why Do We Attend Diving Talks 2022?

Is it the Speakers? The Talks? The Exhibition and Equipment Trials? Or is it the venue – Tróia?

All those reasons impact one’s decision, but it is pretty evident that one of the main reasons is the Talks, the content each Speaker will share.

However, this year DIVING talks Organisation wants to go a bit further. The program will feature a different type of Panel.

Diving Talks 2022

Imagine having PADI, SDI and SSI in the same room to discuss the future of teaching in diving? This would be an exciting debate, wouldn’t it?

Imagine no more. Suppose you are an Instructor or simply a curious diver. In that case, this will be the right spot to listen to Mark Caney, Mark Powell and Jean Claude Monachon talking about diving through the perspective of the three biggest agencies: PADI, SDI and SSI.

Mark Caney, PADI – Professional Association of Diving Instructors’ Industry Relations and Training Executive, is President of the European Underwater Federation, President of the Rebreather Training Council and President of the World Recreational Scuba Training Council.

Mark Powell is the SDI – Scuba Diving International Director of Global Development 

Jean Claude Monachon is SSI – Scuba Schools International Vice-President, International Business Development & Marketing.

Learn more about Diving Talks 2022 at: https://www.divingtalks.com


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