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Time To Learn More About Diving Talks 2022

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DIVING talks – Portugal 2022 is an international event for promoting and sharing knowledge on the underwater environment.

It will occur in Portugal from October 7 to 9, bringing Portugal the world’s leading divers, explorers, scientists, and researchers showing their best recent achievements.

Sea to Sky

DIVING talks will feature presentation Panels; Talks, and Debates by keynote speakers from all over the world;

DIVING talks will be a hybrid event, and the Organization expects to host 450+ worldwide attendees locally and 50.000 online viewers during the show’s three days.

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Highlights of Diving Talks 2022

The DIVING talks 2022, after a 2021 edition considered by many “the 2021 BEST DIVING EVENT”, comes with a new context, formats and a stronger value proposition for the supporting brands:

  • Once again, the show will bring together a fantastic Speakers Panel with some of the most recognised and followed divers, explorers, scientists, and researchers;
  • Capitalising on the success of the “Talks” format, DIVING talks 2022 maintains the thematic panels’, but the Speakers will engage in other debate formats;
  • The brands will have more facetime with their clients and promote equipment trials, workshops, and networking opportunities during the so-called “Activities”.
  • Establish in Portugal a new hub for all subjects related to diving, both technical and scientific.

The DIVING talks Speakers come from all over the world, work on different projects related to the subaquatic environment and share incredible stories with the attendees.

DIVING Talks brings notable explorers, scientists, divers, and researchers to the show.

Already confirmed: Adam Wood, Alexandre Hasche, Armando Ribeiro, Audrey Cudel, William (Bill) Stone, Brandi Mueller, Gareth Lock, Jean Claude Monachon, Leigh Bishop, Mark Caney, Mark Powell, Nuno Sá, Simon Mitchell, Stef Panis, Teresa Amaro, Tomasz Stachura, and Xavier Meniscus.

Diving Talks 2022

Structure of the Event


The Panels will promote the best, the most innovative content, the latest work and discoveries in diving, sub-aquatic studies, and technological development. The Panels will feature exciting presentations or debates on essential topics such as scuba diving teaching evolution.


DIVING talks 2021 will feature an exhibition area, a ‘show and tell’ expo that will host a range of exhibitors from the global diving industry, showcasing their latest services, products and technologies.


The Activities will be a space and time for joining a brand with its client base, showing, discussing or experimenting – even underwater.


DIVING talks 2022 partners with Portugal Dive to provide the best planning solutions for Attendees wanting to spend some time in Portugal, visiting and diving before or after the show.

Attendees wanting to benefit from special conditions hiring Portugal Dive’s services, please provide a copy of your e-ticket when booking.

See the full schedule of events and learn more about Diving Talks 2022 at: https://www.divingtalks.com. You can also follow Diving Talks 2022 on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.



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