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Plastic Oceans Canada Honours Saltwater Sean

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Sean, a freediver in the Halifax area, has been chosen as the Local Hero for April 2022! Sean is a freediver and explorer on a mission to discover what lurks beneath Canada’s oceans and lakes and to keep them clean. The primary goal of the Saltwater Sean page/project is to raise awareness about ocean and lake conservation. Find out more this month on our blog.

Since he was a teenager, Sean has been snorkeling and freediving. When the pandemic struck in 2020, he began filming and posting his exploits online to pass the time. It just took on its own life and became his obsession from there. It began with him simply looking for interesting bottles, but he quickly realized that if he is only picking and choosing what I take and leaving the garbage behind, that’s not a good thing. As a result, he started carrying everything with him to surface, photographing it, and posting it online. His online videos are well followed.

Enjoy One of Saltwater Sean’s Video on The Scuba News Canada

About Plastic Oceans

The Plastic Oceans Foundation Canada was founded in 2016 as a non-profit organization and Registered Canadian Charity. It is a global organization with offices in the United States (global headquarters and Los Angeles), Chile, Mexico, and Europe.

The mission of Plastic Oceans Canada is to eliminate plastic pollution. Plastic Oceans Canada affects change by advocating for Canadian businesses to take meaningful steps toward reducing their plastic pollution footprint, driving change with government, producers, recyclers, and consumers, and supporting and implementing programs to clean our coastlines.

Over 300 million tons of plastic are produced globally each year, and unfortunately, more than 90 percent of that plastic is not recycled. Regrettably, much of that plastic ends up in our oceans, with at least 8 million tons dumped into the ocean each year. While plastic has become ubiquitous in our environment and homes, there are steps that each of us can take to improve the situation.

We can create a healthier ocean for a healthier you if we all work together.

Learn more about Plastic Oceans


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