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We cater to all kinds of scuba diving in the Red Sea but supporting technical divers is our area of speciality. March 2022 saw a group from France join us to undertake some Trimix Training dives in preparation for an upcoming expedition to the Baltic Sea.

During this #DivingwithLegends trip the group were also studying health aspects of scuba diving, with a focus on decompression sickness. We will share the results of their research when they are available.

In the meantime, enjoy this excellent video by Armel Ruy who was a participant of the trip and someone we look forward to seeing again soon (along with the rest of the group obviously).

Please be sure to follow Armel via his website at: https://www.armelruy.com and on the following social media channels.


The video also features:



rEvo Rebreathers

SF Tech



Blue Horizon

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A course with Tekdeep is about more than gaining a certification. Our aim is to not simply teach the basics of the course you are undertaking but to ensure you have a full understanding of the skills, the equipment, the diving physiology and that you leave with a greater appreciation for all aspects of technical diving

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Dive Curacao

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