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Explorer Diving Presents The Tett Centre Shore Dive Site, Kingston

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The Tett Centre and site have a long history, dating back to the 1840s. The buildings were once owned by the Molson Brewery until around 1850, when they were purchased by the Morton Brewery and Distillery Company.

Over the next few decades, the site changed hands frequently and was used for a variety of purposes, including a military hospital, an Army headquarters, Corrections Canada, and a Queens University building.

The large ship named HMS St Lawrence, which was launched in 1814, was a 112-gun first-rate Royal Navy ship. It was the Royal Navy’s only ship of the line to be launched and served entirely in fresh water.

The Tett Centre For Creativity and Learning is a not-for-profit charitable organisation that operates independently. We are a welcoming destination in a city-owned heritage building where artists, arts organisations, and members of the community can gather to explore, create, and be inspired.

Resident Organizations at the Tett Centre

Within The Tett, these organizations offer a one-of-a-kind destination that will contribute to Kingston’s thriving arts community by fostering creativity and learning and providing an exceptional range of activities that will appeal to people of all ages and artistic abilities.

  • 1. Tett Centre for Creativity + Learning
  • 2. The Kingston Handloom Weavers and Spinners
  • 3. Kingston Lapidary and Mineral Club
  • 4. The Joe Chithalen Memorial Musical Instrument Lending Library
  • 5. The Kingston Potters’ Guild
  • 6. Kingston Arts Council
  • 7. Kingston School of Dance 8. Creativity Studio Artists 9. Modern Fuel
  • 10. Theatre Kingston
  • 11. Juniper Café

Dive Report

According to Chris’s report on the last dive, the scuba time was 38 minutes, the visibility was 50 feet, and the water temperature was 38 degrees Fahrenheit. There are a lot of larger fish on the inside of the pier. Bottles and canteens were seen emerging from the slit.

Chris Haslip

Learn more about Explorer Diving at: https://www.explorerdiving.ca

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