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Introducing Underwater Archaeology and Exploration Program Courses

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Thermocline Diving
Photo Credit: Thermocline Diving

Welcome to our Underwater Archaeology and Exploration Program

There are a number of worldwide diving projects that operate at the highest level and employ specialized research methodologies, but participation is restricted to individuals with the necessary credentials, experience, and social connections. Learning to dive is a must-do initial step, but there is no pre-made pathway or program that allows us to improve our basic diving skills so that we can pursue our exploration goals.

Significant undersea exploration normally necessitates a well-organized program that includes risk management and intricate logistics due to the nature of the environment. Unfortunately, because there is no recognized curriculum that teaches people how to be “diver-explorers,” everyone makes the same blunders when they “learn by doing.” Thermocline Diving’s purpose is to discover and put together the many skills and knowledge required to “explore” in a modern learning style that combines eLearning, fundamental skills training, and actual project diving to teach a diver how to conduct their own exploration projects.

“This course is likely to inspire a future generation of divers of varied experience levels to apply their skills in a meaningful way that they may not have expected would be possible – in short, it will give divers who may not know how to pursue their passion both a how and a why

Recent Student, Sabrina Figliomeni

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