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Books: The Great Buoyancy Scam, and How to Avoid It

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The Great Buoyancy Scam

The development of good buoyancy control is the most significant victim of the “churn and burn” discount dive instruction industry. John Kean’s latest book puts an end to this industry-damaging habit and teaches aspiring new scuba divers how to attain the underwater brilliance they deserve. It dispels many of the common myths about scuba diving. The Great Buoyancy Scam is a fun, instructive, and engaging book that takes readers behind the scenes of current scuba diving instruction. It gives novice and experienced scuba divers with a useful resource before enrolling in a dive training course. It allows you to equip and prepare yourself well in advance of your diving experience.

John communicates in a clear, courteous, and no-nonsense manner to the new student diver, bridging the gap between glossy, corporate marketing and the wide blue sea. This is not a step-by-step guide, but it does cover a wide range of diving topics in a straightforward manner, bringing to life many of the usually misunderstood concepts like decompression theory and the bends. The Great Buoyancy Scam is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to equip and prepare yourself for your diving adventure.

About the Author John Kean

In the scuba diving profession, John Kean is a heavyweight. He’s done over 10,000 dives, taught over 2,000 students, and authored five diving books. John holds the highest instructor ratings in leisure and technical diving and has served on two Red Sea NGO regulatory organizations. For the past two decades, I’ve been a regular contributor to Diver Magazine. John is a frequent guest speaker at the industry’s most prestigious dive exhibitions. He’s also led several multinational teams to multiple world deep dive records and completed two long-distance riding and diving missions that were sponsored. As a result, John became the world’s first ‘diving biker,’ combining the two sports across various countries. This keen observer takes a step back from the chaos now and again to analyze it all and write it down. For more over two decades, his novels have entertained, inspired, and intrigued readers.

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