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Donor Celebration – Cards for Charities

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It’s truly heartwarming to hear stories of young people taking action to protect and restore our oceans. Jeremy Lynch, an 11-year-old from British Columbia, and his Cards 4 Charities is a case in point.  

Last year, Jeremy decided to start donating regularly to Ocean Wise. Jeremy tells us, “I chose to donate to Ocean Wise because the oceans are being polluted and overfished so much that action needed to be taken, and there are so many amazing creatures in them that need to be protected.” 

Jeremy’s passion started when he was just 6 years old, looking to make a few dollars selling homemade cards, but then he read a book about his favourite animal, cheetahs, and everything changed. Jeremy read that there was a possibility that cheetahs could become endangered in the wild, so he decided to donate all the money he made from selling cards for this cause.

Over the years, Jeremy has raised over $25,000 for cheetah conservation, and now he’s expanded his desire for make meaningful change to the ocean by starting to donate to Ocean Wise! By donating, Jeremy will support research, conservation, and public engagement activities that aim to address the many threats our oceans face every day.  

Pollution, overexploitation of resources, and habitat destruction are pushing our oceans to the brink. It isn’t just ocean life who will pay the price, but our own health and well-being are at stake. Ocean Wise is focused on fighting for our oceans by tackling three major challenges: overfishing, ocean pollution, and climate change. 


Photo Credit: Ocean Wise

Jeremy has big goals in mind and hopes to keep raising money by selling homemade greeting cards and spreading awareness for his favourite charities.  

“Hopefully, more and more people will also help so that the oceans will not be exploited anymore,”

Jeremy Lynch

Way to go, Jeremy! We can’t wait to see what great work you do next.  

Interested in supporting Ocean Wise like Jeremy? Email us at support@ocean.org – we’d love to hear from you! 

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