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Canadian Commercial Fisherman, Scott Steer is Banned From Fishing for the Rest of His Life and is Sentenced to Time in Prison

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Scott Steer is a serial offender under the Canadian Fisheries Act. He’s been convicted of unlawful fishing many times in the last decade, the most recent conviction coming in May of this year. Scott Stanley Matthew Steer was sentenced by Fisheries and Oceans Canada on December 20 2021 and was sentenced to six months in prison and 75 hours of community service in addition to lifetime fishing prohibitions.

“The Judge additionally banned him from involvement in the purchasing or sale of fish, including brokering, for 5 years,” Fisheries and Oceans Canada stated. “And, he added a ban against Mr. Steer purchasing or selling a fishing vessel, and ordered the forfeiting of the aluminum vessel used in the illegal activity, with the approximate value of $50,000.”

On March 2, 2020, Steer and two accomplices were apprehended in the early morning hours. They were caught unlawfully fishing for crab in Vancouver Harbour by fisheries inspectors. The fishermen led the authorities on a high-speed chase through the harbour before halting and being captured on the vessel, which had approximately 250 live crabs on board. The crabs were later released back into the water. As well as being in possession of illegally captured crab he was fishing without a license and during a closed season. He was also found to be in violation of a court order preventing him from being on board a fishing vessel or having fishing equipment in his hands.

In addition, only crab obtained under a license can be purchased or sold in British Columbia, and it must be properly processed and inspected by a licensed company before being sold.

Steer is a serial offender who is currently facing two additional trials in Nanaimo for suspected violations of the Fisheries Act. He has already been convicted on many instances and suffered legal sanctions such as a 24-month fishing ban, jail time, and large fines. Steer has been the subject of 15 different Fisheries and Oceans Canada filings since 2008.

So, here’s what the future holds for Steer. For the rest of his life, he is prohibited from fishing. He’ll also never be allowed to set foot on a fishing boat again. He also isn’t allowed to buy or sell fish for profit. In addition, he is unable to acquire or sell any boats. He also has to give up his boat, which he already owns.

Anyone with information about suspected fishing violations can call Fisheries and Oceans Canada’s violation reporting line at 1-800-465-4336.


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