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Introducing: Awareness Diving, Toronto Freediving School

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We are a small freediving school located in Toronto, Canada. The idea in creating a freediving school is to share our passion, knowledge and insights learnt from endless hours of training and competitions with people who would like to enjoy the freedom and peace being in the water. 

Our goal is a simple one; we want our students to enjoy freediving and embrace a lifestyle which brings relaxation in their everyday’s life. 

For that propose, we incorporate breathing techniques and meditation in our trainings to promote self-awareness inside your body and in your mind along with physical well-being.

We see Freediving as life enriching and accessible activities for everyone, not just for the athletically gifted or spiritually minded. As much as possible we cater to the needs and interests of the individual while still making sure all safety aspects are dealt with in detail.

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Instructor, Jorge Larez

Jorge discovered freediving without knowing, when he was 6 yrs old and when reaching for first time the bottom of a diving pool with his grandpa, after that unforgettable childhood moment his fascination for being in water started, from watching Jacques Cousteau documentaries to going to the ocean for diving and riding the waves under and over the water.

Later on, he became an advance scuba diver, diving around the beautiful diving sites and islands of Venezuela his home land.

Then the movie “The Big Blue” came around and made a call on his childhood memories as many others in the world. After that movie, he was fascinating with the sport with no opportunity to learn more after sometime later in his life when he began his journey into the blue, ditching the tank and training his mind and body to dive to depths he’d never imagined reaching. Jorge also has been a avid swimmer for more than 15 years.

He loves the meditative aspect of freediving and how much he can learn about himself with every dive and static breath hold.

Jorge has been both trained and certified as an AIDA Instructor by one of the world’s best known freedivers and legend Carlos Coste.

Jorge loves teaching and sharing his passion for the sport with others. There is nothing better than seeing his students coming up from a dive with a huge smile on their faces having just done something they never though they could.

When he is not freediving he likes to spend quality time as swimming and freediving personal coach for his son Ricardo or enjoying a mountain bike ride in the forest.

Learn more at: https://www.awarenessfreediving.com/


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