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Winter Diving In Canada Series – Ice Dive In Lake Minnewanka

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This blog post is the first in the “Winter Diving In Canada” Series. The aim of this series is to encourage divers to explore further this winter and seek out new adventure in Canada. Always remember to keep challenging yourself and continue to be immersed in new experiences.

For those who have never been, Lake Minnewanka is a spectacularly stunning place. This lake is 1450m above sea level and is sitting just above Banff, Alberta. With an overall length of 21 km and a max depth of 142 m, it is an impressive body of water behold nestled amongst the Rocky Mountains.  The lake existed long before the hydro electric dam was built to supply the town of Banff but the most recent dam did increase its overall depth by 30m. This had a huge impact on the resort village that was built in the mid 1800’s. Once hosting restaurants, cottages and even hotels, the “Minnewanka Landing” is now 18m under water. The glacier feed waters have helped to preserve what remains of this cultural site.

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Read the full feature at Cold Ocean Diver: https://coldoceandiver.ca/inspire/ice-dive-in-lake-minnewanka



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I started instructing at Frank Whites Dive Store within the first week of moving here and I instantly fell in love with the area. Shore diving in a drysuit was nothing like what I had ever experienced. My passion is not only to dive new interesting sites but also to help build a stronger community of divers. I have since moved on to a different career path but I remain an avid Cold Water Diver. Diving recreationally has allowed me the opportunity to explore even further.

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